7 Tips for Roof Coating and Sealing for Commercial Roofs

During June 2021, Kalispell hit record-breaking heat temperatures, clocking in at 101° F. The previous record of 95° F was set over 40 years ago, and high temperatures continued to rock Western Montana throughout the summertime.   Commercial roofs take a beating throughout hot summer and harsh winter months in Montana, which can make your roof susceptible…

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A Guide to Flat Roof Repair in Butte, MT

Damaged and leaky flat roofs should be a concern, as in worse-case scenarios, the structural integrity of a building could be at risk! Recurring roof problems can put a hold on your daily plans, and it can be challenging to figure out the issue sometimes. How can you tell if your flat roof is beyond…

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How Ice and Snow Impact Your Commercial Roof

Did you know that every year 49 out of the 50 states across America can see snowfall? Of course, the amount they see can vary a lot. From a light, powdery dusting to a mammoth pile that takes all morning to clear from your driveway, snow from state to state is never the same.  If you’re in…

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6 Things To Love About Boise, Idaho

6 things we love about boise, idaho

A Norman Rockwell painting. Disneyland Main Street.  The best place to raise a family.  The fastest-growing city in America. What do these things have in common?  They are all ways to describe Boise, Idaho. There might not be a perfect town this side of heaven.  But Boise, Idaho comes close.  Friendly weather, friendly people, and…

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10 Most Common Roof Problems Commercial Building Owners Face

roof problems and how to repair

A Roof Repair Guide For Commercial Building Owners Roof problems can be stressful to a building owner, since it can mean costly repairs or replacements. Below are 10 of the most common roof problems building owners face and how to deal with them. Roof Problem #1: Poor Workmanship or Installation Solution: Hire only a well-established…

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Before You Replace Your Roof, Read This

repair your roof

If you own a commercial building in Idaho, Montana, or Washington, you may eventually have a problem with roof leaks or other damage. At this point, you face three options — live with the damage, repair it, or replace your roof. When the damage warrants replacing your roof, it could put a large dent in…

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6 Most Common Types of Commercial Roof

Commercial Roofs

There are myriad decisions you as a business owner must make. When to do something yourself, when to call an expert, how to price your products and services, how to balance family and work responsibilities, what to choose for a commercial roof, and what to do when your roof needs repair.  Whether you’re looking for…

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