Estimating the Cost of Commercial Roof Restoration in Helena, MT

Montana weather is not for the faint of heart.  Helena, MT regularly sets new records for wind speed, with dangerous gusts of up to 70 miles per hour. Exposure, snow, rain, and hail increase the risk of wear in the elements and may contribute to mold and structural deficiencies. 

This will take a toll on even the most structurally sound commercial roofs.

Sometimes what you need is not a replacement or a simple patch repair. A commercial roof restoration works to enhance the integrity of the existing material while ensuring that your roof stays leak-free for ten to eighteen years. 

Read on to understand the possible cost and benefits of commercial roof restoration. 

Commercial Roof Restoration vs. Replacement 

As a commercial building owner or facilities manager, you are responsible for maintenance. Roof maintenance an expensive aspect of building management and could cost you many repairs over a building’s lifetime. It’s important to consider your options. 

A roof replacement is just what it sounds like– a complete replacement of the existing structure. This will last 20-25 years and eliminate any immediate needs for patch jobs or clever fixes. 

A roof replacement, however, is a substantial investment. A commercial roof replacement will likely cost an owner $40,000-$50,000 and might not always be necessary. A complete replacement could be a premature solution to minor issues that a roof restoration could solve. 

Rather than a complete replacement, a roof restoration involves applying a roofing product over an existing commercial roof. It does more than repair the damage– it can also extend the life of the structure. If a roof’s structure, insulation, and cover board are in decent shape, there is no need to replace it completely. 

Roof restoration is a more environmentally friendly option than replacement, as it reuses the existing structure rather than using tens of thousands of dollars in new materials. Additionally, the material used in the roof restoration minimizes the absorption of the sun’s rays, which will lower cooling costs and increase roof durability. 

What’s great about this kind of commercial roof repair is that it can still extend your roof’s life up to 15 years. Compared to a complete (and expensive) roof replacement, this great news for the life of a building. 

Helena Code Requirements 

Applicable Montana building codes require the following: 

  • Snow Load – (ground/roof) 30 pounds per square foot minimum
  • Wind Load – f 3s – 90 mph, f FM – 75 mph
  • Ice and water barrier underlayment is required 

These requirements will contribute to the cost estimate, as this will impact the types of fasteners and insulation used on your commercial roof. 

Roof Accessibility 

Roof access is one factor that can impact the price of your commercial roof restoration. Make sure you consider these factors when getting an estimate: 

Height – how many stories is your building? 

Material storage areas – how easy will it be to get the materials you need to the location? 

Occupancy – how is the building used? 

Property access – where is the building located? How will the crew get on to the roof?

Commercial Roof Types  

There are two traditional types of commercial roof types. 

Flat Roof

A flat commercial roof has a slight pitch and is least likely to be affected by wind damage. Flat roofs are the most common roof type for commercial buildings and are traditionally safer for the restoration crew. This would bring restoration costs down considerably. 

Sloped Roof

While less common, this type of roof is sometimes used on commercial buildings as it is cheaper to construct and tends to make a building more visible. Drainage will likely not be an issue with a sloped roof, but they still need to be maintained regularly. Because of the slope, this type of commercial roof repair can be dangerous to repair. This will be reflected in the cost estimate. 

Roof Materials 

When estimating roof restoration, it’s important to consider the material, as parts of the roof may be damaged or deteriorated. Common commercial roof materials include single-ply, built-up bituminous, asphalt shingle, barrel tile, and metal.   


Single-ply sheeting typically costs $3 to $5 per square foot. This material is very durable and quickly installed.

Built-up Bituminous

Built-up bituminous is composed of layers of fabric and asphalt and finished with stone or gravel. It costs about $3.50-$6.50 per square foot. This material is commonly used on flat-roofed commercial buildings. 

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingles typically run from $3.50 to $7 per square foot. This material is a cheap option for sloped roofs. 

Barrel Tile

This material can last up to fifty years but can be very expensive to install. Commercial building owners can expect barrel tile to cost $6.50 to $20 per square foot.


Metal is an aesthetically pleasing option that is becoming more popular in commercial buildings. It usually will cost $7 to $12 per square foot. This type of material comes in three standard varieties– corrugated, standing seam, and flat seam.

The Roof Restoration Process

It’s important to understand where the cost of a commercial roof restoration is going towards. Roof restoration is a four-step process that fixes the damaged or deteriorated part of the structure while also minimizing the possibility for future issues: 

  1. Removal – loose or damaged material is removed 
  2. Repair – damaged areas are repaired with the same existing material  
  3. Waterproofing – All seams and leak-prone areas are sealed against the elements
  4. Restoration – a restoration system designed for your specific roof type is applied as a protective layer over the entire surface. 

Get a Free Estimate

A commercial roof restoration can give you all the benefits of a brand new roof at a fraction of the cost. You can request an obligation-free estimate with no hidden fees or contractor jargon. We clearly outline the cost and the steps of the project to feel like you are a part of the process. 

Don’t wait to assess the damage to your commercial property. Request a free estimate today. 

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