Commercial Roof Restoration

A roof this good shouldn't be this easy!

Daniel Kaffman and Family (Owner of North Star Roofing)

Daniel Kauffman and Family (Owner of North Star Roofing)
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Hardworking People. Hometown Values. Serving the Rocky Mountain Region of the Pacific Northwest.

Our commercial roofing company serves Helena MT, Kalispell MT, Great Falls MT, Spokane WA, Boise ID, as well as the surrounding areas.

You'll appreciate working with our team of family focused, hard working people. Our family has been in the construction business for generations. Daniel Kauffman, the owner of North Star Roofing has owned and run construction businesses for over 30 years.

Daniel Kaffman and Family (Owner of North Star Roofing)

Daniel Kauffman and Family (Owner of North Star Roofing)

We serve the following states.

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Is roof damage making your property less marketable?

Drips or leaks, water stains on walls and ceiling tiles, warped walls and floors, and structural damage can all be a result of a leaking roof. It can be tempting to try and patch up leaking areas of your roof but continued damage may occur. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may be putting the marketability of your commercial property at risk. If the cost to replace your roof has been holding your back, you should consider a high quality, warranty backed roof restoration instead. 

Are you risking more costly future repairs to your commercial property?

While the symptoms of roof damage may be annoying. The true cost of ignoring the signs of commercial roof damage may be far more serious. Your commercial roof is the first and last line of defense, protecting your commercial building from the elements. If roof damage goes unchecked, it can create far more costly repairs down the road. Everything from mold remediation to structural damage to repair or replacement of drywall, ceiling tiles, electrical systems, plumbing fixtures, and more. 

Is Your Commercial Roof Damaged or Leaking?

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding that your industrial roof is rusting or leaking. Repairing it won’t cut it and the cost of replacing an entire roof on a commercial building can set you back and destroy those vacation dreams you had.


We can Restore Most Commercial Roof Types

North Star Roofing installs Conklin® Roof Restoration Systems on all types of commercial and industrial roofs. It isn’t a repair or a replacement. It’s a restoration—the best of both worlds. A North Star Restoration gives you a non-prorated leak-free warranty for ten or eighteen years, including all materials and labor. This is an unheard-of warranty and one that we’re proud will give you peace of mind. 

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Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems are not difficult to identify. Some types of metal roofing we can restore include:

  • Corrugated galvanized steel
  • Aggregates of zinc, aluminum, and silicon coated steel.
  • Raised seam or standing seam metal
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Layered Roofing

Layered, low slope commercial roofing types we can restore include:

  • "Built Up Roofing" or BUR roofing which is a multi-layered roofing material using tar and gravel.
  • "Modified Bitumen" roofing which is a reinforced roof fabric that is also installed in layers and attached as a two-ply roofing system to commercial roof decks.
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Rolled Roofing

Rolled roofing systems are often characterized by a single layer membrane. These systems include:

  • "Thermoset Roof Membrane" or EPDM roofing which is a single ply, rubber material.
  • "Thermoplastic Roof Membrane", also known as Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) or Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a lightweight, single layered, highly reflective rolled roofing material.
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Matt Burke

Branch Manager, Dakota Supply Group

Daniel and his team at North Star Roofing did a fantastic job repairing and sealing our roof. The roof suffered from years of neglect and had numerous leaks several challenges that had to be addressed. It was not an easy and straightforward project. Their workmanship was excellent and the Conklin roofing system they installed has survived cold and snowy winters, wet springs, and hot summers. I recommended to Daniel to my Helena, MT [branch] and he did a fantastic job there as well. He'll likely seal the roof at our Missoula, MT branch next.

Sandy Brown

J. Burns Brown Operating Company

It was so nice to see you in our area again.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated the quality workmanship you did on our office roof.  We've not had a single roof leak in our old building since we had your company work on it.I especially appreciated your kind, helpful and professional work ethic and the quality workmanship that resulted in a problem roof fixed.  Count me as a very satisfied customer!  Hope to see you back in our area soon!

About the Conklin Roofing System


The Conklin Roofing System has been made in America for over 40 years with the company being an American based company for over 50 years.

Conklin has been at the forefront of innovation with their industry leading roofing products and has ensured the quality of their Roofing System from manufacturing to installation and maintenance by only allowing factory trained installers to install and maintain their exclusive product line.

Conklin offers industry leading warranties that are non-prorated and fully cover not only the materials but the labor and repair costs should your Roof System leak within the warranty period.

Our Roof Restoration Process

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We always start with the removal of all loose or damaged roofing materials.



The second step is to repair any damaged or deteriorated areas of the roof. This ensures a strong, and lasting restoration.

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The third step of your project is to carefully seal all seams and areas that are most vulnerable to leaks.



The final phase is applying our restoration system created for your specific roof type. This creates a durable and protective layer over your entire roof surface.

All the Benefits of a New Roof at a Fraction of the Cost

Pictured on the right is an example of a metal roof restoration project we completed. The picture on the left is the old roof during the sealing and repairing step of the process. The picture to the right is the finished roof.  

Getting Started is Easy

Step 1

Request Free Estimate

We make it easy to request a completely obligation free commercial roof restoration estimate. 

Step 2

Accept Estimate

Our project estimates are always simple to understand and clearly priced. No hidden or undisclosed costs and no day-of-installation up-sells. 

Step 3

Schedule Roof Restoration

Once you decide to move forward with your North Star Roofing restoration project. We'll work with you to schedule the project at a time that is convenient for you. 

Our Commitment to You

Fast and Clear Estimate

Our team is standing by to quickly respond to your questions and provide you with a clear and fair estimate for your commercial roof restoration.

Factory Trained

Our team are factory trained and certified installers of the Conklin Roofing system. As factory trained installers, your roof restoration is not only materially warrantied but the installation is also covered under the manufacturers warranty.

Courteous Team

We pride ourselves in building a professional and courteous team. You will appreciate our clean, respectful crew and work-site standards.

Energy Efficient

The Conklin Roofing system features an 80% reflective surface that minimizes the absorption of the sun's rays. Conklin Roofing systems are Energy Star rated and Cool Roof Rating Council rated. This will lower your cooling costs, increase roof durability, and help lower the "heat island" effect.

Environmentally Friendly

Our roof restoration process minimizes the amount of waste being added to landfills by keeping as much of your existing roof as possible.

Unmatched Manufacturer Warranty

A North Star Commercial Roof Restoration gives you a leak-free manufacturer's warranty for ten or eighteen years (depending on type of roof), including all materials and labor. T

Don't Put Your Investment at Risk

If your roof is already showing signs of deterioration you could be at risk of more serious and costly damage by delaying repairs. Don't wait till next season to assess the damage to your commercial roof. Let our team of experts provide a free assessment of your roof and provide a free estimate to restore your roof using our proven commercial roof restoration system.

Request a Free Estimate

  • Address of building where roof assessment is requested.